Alan's Musings

Alan's Musings

I am putting this post up because of the Acer Palmatum. We planted this some four years ago and it now pays us back each spring.

Sun today but rain expected. Our April showers have come late, after a long period of no rain at all we have had leaden skies and drizzle.

The weather has improved and it’s busy busy in the garden. Potting up in the hot house and plants arriving by almost every post or day.

This is turning out to be a typical April Showers, early morning mists, warm sun then later in the day clouds and maybe more showers type of day.

Blackbirds chase one another across the lawn in the spring sunshine and it’s time to sit and enjoy the garden

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, well on the 2nd it was cold

March is supposed to come in like a Lion and go out like a Lamb but this year neither:

Last summer George & Angie gave me a new Fountain Head for the temple more in keeping with the theme of a temple dedicated to Bacchus.

A typical February day thick mist then warm spring sunshine.

When this musing appears on the blog it may be on the re-vised site, time for a fresh approached.

So the slow road to Rome continues, pillars and urns have captured our thoughts.

I am very lucky that I live next door to a very talented photographer, who took some photos of the garden in the cold snap