Alan's Musings

This is turning out to be a typical April Showers, early morning mists, warm sun then later in the day clouds and maybe more showers type of day.

If fact good weather for the garden, oh and throw in the odd frost here and there. George tells me that the Echium’s which were hit by the frost in the kitchen garden and Laura’s boarder are starting to put out green shoots again which is a good sign.

The plums and Peach trees are covered in blossom much to the delight of the Bees and in the top patio by the house a potted Pear is also in full flower.

Last autumn George planted a ribbon of pink tulips in the Beech tree bed, they have flowed better than I expected and have given me an idea for next year.

George and Angie have been busy sorting out and planting up the long boarder one of their new ideas is this garden gate which is to be a support for sweet peas.

We have decided to devote the whole of May to clearing and planting out for the summer and are on track for July 19th when we will open in aid of the Air Ambulance charity.