Alan's Blog

Finn has stared to work on the lawn and give it a good comb through to remove all the dead grass from the fierce heat of July and in the next week or so we will hollow tyne it then brush in some good seed mixed with topsoil and sand to hopefully allow the autumn cooler weather and rain work their magic.

I went to see Steve in the kitchen garden to see what we are going to do with the explosion of Butternut Squash’s. I foresee Kim on many visits with recipes.


George and I are now putting our minds to next year and the NGS opening its over 10 years since we last opened the garden and we want it to be worth the visit and fee (£4.00) Kim and Angie well both Angie’s are deep in plans for tea’s, we want a plant and produce stall as the takings from these will be for TS5C so it’s going to be a case of rasing as much as we can. June 30th 2019 may seem a long way of but it’s not.

24th August at coffee this morning George told me that he had planted out 460 appx wallflowers for next spring. 115 Primrose Bedder, 230 Ivory White and over 105 Blood Red. They are all in the kitchen garden and will provide good bedding in November. The weather today is autum’ish heavy showers, bright warm sun and a cool breeze.

26th august bank Holiday Sunday. A wash out, boy did it rain. The Busy Lizzies have lost almost all of the flowers and the rest of the garden looks like a washed-out rag.

28th August. Finn has just asked if he should or could cut the lawn? I said no it still needs to restore its self after the ravages of the heat wave and that will take a few more weeks. We will give it a light feed 14-4-4  just to help it along.