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I am back home after a trip to the North and Norway. The garden ahas started to change from high summer blousy to autumn’s hues. The Beech is shedding its nuts and the colour is starting to go from the flower beds. G* has been hard at work repairing the damaged done to the lawn by the fierce heat of the sun in our heatwave, much racking out of dead grass and resowing of new seed. We hollowed tyned it first to try and open the structure only time will tell if we have done the right thing.

 Every day brings more catalogues for bulbs and spring planting, have passed bulk over to G and S for them to give me their requirements, I have asked S to look again what we take from veg garden as I am sure we grow far too much. We did try this year Ratte and Pink Fir potatoes with a lot of success, I for one like them both so they are a must for 2019.

IMG 4641