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Garrya elliptica

How the weather can change, after a week plus of warm balmy days to day its damp and grey, the garden sit’s forlorn, F has raked the lawn but no chance of a cut. G is busy in the cool house clearing the balance of tomatoes and getting it clean and ready for pots and overwintering plants.

6th October. Well today the long period of drought has ended. RAIN long awaited and so welcome. Yesterday F cut the lawn and as no rain was in sight, we gave the main rough patch a good drink but overnight the rain came so the garden looks washed and thanks to Gs hard work polished.

Now we have entered that long period of keeping the garden tidy and getting on with a variety of jobs ready for the big push in the spring prior to opening on June 30th for the NGS and TS5C.

The main construction in the garden is the embellishment of the pergola to enable the plants to clime more easily. When it was finished it had a touch of the Frank Lloyd Wright about it. This could not be said for the fruit cage now built on the site of the old greenhouse and for many years home to soft fruit. After years of raids by the badgers we decided enough was enough and so with Paul now on the garden staff we decided to build a fruit cage. Designed by George and built by him and Paul this should ensure this year a good crop of soft fruit.