Alan's Blog

The year has stared mild, to mild already Asparagus spears are growing in the kitchen garden.

With the opening on June 30th  We have decided to grow Heritage plants this year and have chosen our seed from the Organic Garden Heritage Seed list. Potatoes we can get from our local nursery man.


There is a lot of cutting down and back going on and P is beginning to take control of the garden.

The good thing about January is the frost. They do help kill off a lot of nasty pests, however too many frosts not a good thing as they also kill off some precious plants which were forgotten and left out.

G&P are both now very busy all over the garden tidying up and cutting back when the weather allows.

Mid-January and only two days of frost. Some would say good but I like some good frosts they kill off a lot of nasty’s and there are lots of plants that need that cold jolt to get them growing.

We are however making use if the mild weather and doing some moving round of plants so all is not lost.

P is busy rebuilding walls in the kitchen garden in front of the Dalia beds and G replanting Hydrangeas and moving plants from pots to beds, which means we have to go off and find some new shrubs for the empty pots.

January has been a funny month weather wise it’s only as we have reached these last few days that the winter weather long forecast is at last to fall upon us as the Beast from the East.

George has built onto the back of the house a seed raising frame using the window of the pantry as it’s base. It faces south and benefits from a residual heat from the pantry as was expected a professional job has been made of it and it looks quite at home.

The vegetable seeds have all arrived from Garden Organic Heritage collection and these will soon be propagated and planted out, ready for our visitors to see on Open Day June 30th, which as I write seems ages away but will be upon us sooner than we think.

The Garrya elliptica James Roof - Silk-tassel Bush is looking very good I wonder if the hot summer last year helped set flowers for this year? also I noted the Wattle Tree or sometime known as an Acacias, they seem to have both names, which showed every sign of having expired last summer is bursting out in new growth.

Well I spoke to soon. Jan 30th/31st Cold and the first snow. Now the worst two months are to come. Ah well batter down the hatches and ride it out. The house is well stocked and there is coal and logs to keep us warm. Bring it on.