Alan's Blog

Well the old rhyme goes something like January brings the snow makes the toes and fingers glow February brings the rain helps the lowers grow again. February 1st brought 3 to 4“of SNOW. We awoke to a winter scene all quite no traffic and the poor birds finding the feeders snow bound. However, the beauty of Somerset ids we do not have the snow for long and by Sunday am it had almost all gone.

Paul has completed the first part of the new wall in front of the Delilah bed and for someone who has never built a wall before has made a fantastic job of it. George busy all over the garden cutting back dead grasses and clearing weeds especially in the Peony bed. We also now have a new 36ft x5ft deep boarder to fill where the old wall has been replaced. This is going to be stone washed to neutralise it then planting up can take place. A mixture of plants not a full herbaceous boarder but one with lots of interest. It faces West and gets a lot of sun.

Finbarr has started to work on the lawn and paths, we have made a first cut and spring feed 3-10-4 with fe. Me I stay in the warm looking at catalogues and plotting.

The weather has improved sunny spells and rain; however, we have had some good winds at night. Thoughts of filling the new fruit cage are keeping us all busy. We have decided on a mixture of berries and strawberries. I feel that such a good space must be used to the best of our advantage.

The Heritage vegetable seeds are or have been planted in Georges new seed frame and potatoes ordered.

I have had a lot of fun ordering new plants for the summer and keeping these jottings up to date.

There is one job I do enjoy every other year that’s setting fire to the Pampas grasses. It does not seem to hurt them and it gives then a good clean out and the new growth is well wort the burnt stump.

Planning for the new boarder is now well a head and plants are being obtained for a good planting out at the end of March. It’s fun trawling through catalogues looking for plants which will grow well on the new site.