Alan's Blog

We are now well into getting the garden ready for June 30th. Laura has been busy in the nut walk dead heading the Blue Hydrangeas and generally tiding up which has opened up the primroses. Now we must give the Hydrangeas their yearly feed which gives them also their nice deep blue color. 

Finn has been hard at work getting the lawn and wild grass back into shape and Paul opening up and repairing the winter Bourne rill so all in all busy busy, he is as soon as the weather allows going to clean the wild pond, well the last twenty odd years has rather filled it with mud and muck and I want to plant up the edges and also put in a Gunnera.

The start of April should have been warm days and odd showers but it was more a case of cold days, hail, frost and wind.

We went on our postponed visit to Burncoose nursery in Cornwall to collect some new shrubs. but I also bought another Rhododendron Fragrantissimum. This must be one of my all-time favourites and I await its flowering each year. If you don’t know it it’s a white single flower with the most heavenly scent.

Good journey and an excellent pub lunch, left Finn back at home to keep an eye on things and have a bonfire, where all this stuff comes from, I don’t know. George also has been to Windrow a shrub nursery near us to buy one or two we did not find in Cornwall

The wallflower beds look full and the deep ruby bedder has come out just as I had hoped.

The warm weather has at last started to come, memories of cold, wet days will recede and only working in the garden in the sun on your back will be the memory that sticks. Due to time spent in hospital followed by a heavy cold these have kept me from my wander round but now the warm weather is here I have walked the garden. Things I have noticed is an Echium and not one that George has planted or I have directed to be planted. We think it’s a hangover from last year and will now watch to see what it does. Paul is busy repairing paths and walls so that they have time to bed in before June 30th.

George is off to buy some Rhododendrons to fill in gaps in the wild orchard and there are some more plants for Laura to plant in the new boarder.