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Sweet May full of spring flowers and fields full of hay.

I am not sure about the fields, but the garden has been full of spring flowers and now, as I write this, it’s the 23rd and another Bank Holiday is just upon us, where has the year gone?

Work in the garden is well ahead and planting up the bedding seems to have every one’s attention.

This has been a good year for Asparagus and fresh cuttings every other day have well satisfied the kitchen as well as friends. The Echiums are in flower and heavy with bees. I had not realized how friendly they were.

The Viburnham opulus roseum i.e. The Snowball Tree is smothered with white puffs of flower fantastic show. The Temple is beginning to take shape it’s going to be an on going job over the summer, but fun.

The kitchen garden under its new master George is looking good and the produce from it will be more than welcome.

Someone asked what we do with all the spring bulbs that we grow in pots; answer is they get planted out into the orchards to naturalise so hopefully next spring will give us a good show.