Alan's Blog

May has slipped into June and the garden is bursting with life. Blackbirds young, old and nesting are all over the garden fighting for worms and grubs, birds all over the garden including Woodpeckers and young whilst the Thrushes swooping in and out but sing as though there is no tomorrow.

Stage one of the Temple is finished and stage two plans are well ahead, however no more work until after June 30th.

Planting up of the kitchen garden keeps G busy and Laura has the last planting of bedding plants under control Finn is hedge cutting and Paul doing all those jobs around the garden which we kept on putting off. We have also sited a lot of water barrels around to catch as much rain water as possible. Speaking of rain this late May early June seems to be wetter and cooler than previous years or is it my short term memory.

Poster boards are being got ready to go up and posters for shops ready also.