Alan's Blog

It is surprising how quick the tempo in the garden has changed now the NGS opening is over. I like this tempo better. Gone is the frantic rush now we have time to enjoy the garden as it should be and that is good.

Paul has started to redecorated the back of the house and Laura is now down to just Friday which is good all round, George has been away for a week and Finn well Finn is Finn.

The long hot dog days of summer are now with us and any one working in the garden seeks the shade of the Beech Tree or some other spot when jobs can be done in comfort.

The Lilies are now in full bloom and their scent and those of the Datura’s makes sitting out in the cooler evening air exotic, also shades of southern climes.

George and I had a happy time with Parkers Autumn catalogue sorting out new Daffs and Tulips for next year and me buying more Lilly bulbs as I have rather taken against the Orange and yellow ones, so its White Cream and White with a tough of pink for 2020.