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Weather wise the old rhyme June July’s golden sun brings forth August fun is not up to date this year. Dull days threat of rain then sun then rain the lawn is not burnt like last year but in need of a good soak.


We had a nasty shock when the half year water bill came in. Somewhere in the garden there was a massive leak. Panic set in, but wonderful Monty found it for us, George noticed him drinking from a small puddle at the base of the Abbots retreat. After much digging, paving stones being removed the leak was found. Our friendly plumber Adam suddenly found time to come and fix it for us, now discussions with Bristol Water over how much they will remove from the bill?

The Czar plums have not done as well as I had hoped in their pots, so they are to be replanted against the wall in the kitchen garden sometime in early October.

The Hydrangeas in the nut walk look stunning in their various shades of blue.

Czar plum in pot