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Quarter day has gone and the feast of Michaelmas, or the Feast of Michael and All Angels, is due on the 29th of September. As it falls near the equinox, the day is associated with the beginning of autumn and the shortening of days; in England, it is one of the “quarter days”. We will have Goose and Mince pies plus Coombe House apple punch, well any excuse for a party.

The weather has changed and the hot days of the Indian summer are fast receding, heavy rain is the order of the day, the garden needs it especially the lawn which suffered burning when we gave it it’s late feed two weeks ago, however give another week and it will be green and verdant.

Finn has been helping Paul dig out the new pool, these photos were taken on the last hot day.

G and Laura have cleared the cutting beds in the Kitchen garden so it’s time to thumb through catalogues looking for new Rose bushes. Another plant we are going to major on for 2020 are Salvias, I really should stop reading Country Life, but found an excellent article about them in the latest issue. More buying!