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The song goes “It’s a long long while from May to December and the days grow short when reach November. But the weather has changed and the summer bedding must go the wallflowers have arrive.

They have spent the summer in the kitchen garden fattening up and now they must start to earn their keep. George had underplanted them with Daffs. of different varieties so now we await the spring.

Paul and Finn are busy building the new pool, it’s a case of laying the base whilst the rain keeps off.

In late April Laura planted some Brugmansia Angle’s trumpets in the boarder she had made, they really liked the site, best in the garden. The boarder faces west but gets sun most of the day, with the high wall and the Brugmansia seem very much at home, we are going to leave them and see if they go through the winter.

On a visit to the cool house I observed these Pumpkins sitting ready for Halloween. I will be in Venice but am sure james who lives next door will be pleased to have one.

IMG 0516

IMG 0525