Alan's Blog

Weather - a good place to start. Christmas week has given us a good cross section from crisp frosty mornings, warm sunny days, rain, rain and more rain and today wet, foggy and general uck. No wonder we all have colds and feel pretty low.

Before the great break Paul and Finn attacked the Leylandii hedge between us and 32. They asked for it to be cut back some time ago but there was always other things to do ,but now grit ones teeth and e-mails to neighboughs to warn them there was a bonfire in the offing, chain saws started and result the hedge is tamed and 32 seem pretty pleased, the resulting fire was also good on smoke.

We took out an old stump from a central bed and have replaced it with a Winter Cherry and five dogwood shrubs that have an almost scarlet stem. They have added colour sand interest to the garden at this point.

Christmas day was warm and sunny so we were able to sit outside for a short while before the great feast.

Paul and Angie gave me a new bird feeding station for Christmas. Sid the squirrel was the first to find it and the rather natty bird feeder from George and Angie (different one).

Now all is quite in the garden until Jan 6th. Then we must really get to work. The temple needs finishing, paths need repairing as does the lawn. We have four openings in 2020, well four booked so far, I am sure there are another three on the horizon.

New Birdhouse