Alan's Blog

Yet another wet Monday, I sometimes wonder if the sun has forgotten where we live. The garden is soddened yet spring is here no doubt about it.

Pots full of daffs, crocus showing their heads and waiting for that burst of sun, birds staking out territories and the days growing longer still light in the garden at 6pm. In the drawing room the Amaryllis have shown the stature and I just love these lilies.

In the garden Laura is busy planting out late spring bedding that has been in the cold frame. George is off at the moment but has left a long list of work for Laura. Paul and Finn are busy doing what I am not sure but busy. Me I sit in the warm by the fire and plot. The post has just brought this years Yellow book, the NGS guide for 2020 packed with new gardens to visit ,yes summer is really not the far off and who knows tomorrow the sun might shine