Alan's Blog

Hooray the sun has got his hat on and the garden looks like spring is showing its true self. Paul is busy getting new pillars for the temple ready for their tops.

I have given a lot of thought to this new project and have decided to dedicate the temple to Apollo. It faces the west so will catch the evening light. The next thing is to buy roses and one or two climbing plants to ramble over the pillars - I have in my mind Apricot roses , maybe go mad and put an Albertini in and of course a Mediterranean jasmine in for scent. The cover is off the new pool ready for its coating and it all feels just right.

At last the Magnolia Starlight is starting to bloom, we are two weeks behind London where I observed Magnolias in full bloom on my visit to St Johns Wood two weeks back and also staying in Nth. Devon this last weekend at Instow there Magnolias are in full bloom, but I suspect they will all catch up with one another.