Alan's Blog

The weather is still sunny but alas not very warm, however we live in hope. Life is busy in the garden with planting out taking place all over.

The Asparagus is starting to send up some nice fat shoots and I have already had two cuttings. We have a range of spuds this year most first early’s and already signs of growth are showing. The hot house is full of seedlings and cuttings plus a good amount of bedding Dalilah’s from last year.

In the top garden the Temple and Abbots retreat have been cleaned up and some planting out has taken place but its dead heading and grass cutting time.

We are also now begging to see what survived the winter and some surprise have shown their face, one being a Brugmansia arborea on the Abbotts Retreat which as gone right through the winter outside and now is starting to show good growth. Also it’s at this time of the year the Bergenia’s are really showing off.

Strawberries and Raspberries are also showing good growth so high hopes for the summer.