Alan's Blog

The week draws to a close, the sun has been out every day and the soli is warm and perfect for planting and sowing.

We have been busy round the temple; Luke has been and connected both fountains so it is good to have the lions head working again; Paul fixing the main fountain cable and George and I planning the planting. We have decided to make it a Physic Temple and grow plants of a physic nature in its boundaries. This means some thought and hunting. One plant I am always please to see is the Tree Peony, I think this one is either Prince Igor or Moonglow not sure which.

We have built some brick raised beds for the Temple Roses, they add just another point of interest to the garden

The kitchen garden is also being planted up and weeded. Asparagus now starting to grow well and I noticed a good bed of Leeks waiting to be dug, so Chicken and leek pie on the lunch menu.