Alan's Blog

I like to walk the garden with George, its rather like Sir Bastian Spratt doing the round in Carry on Doctor.

It’s surprising how we both see things to do plants to admire, hedges to be moved, gaps to be filled in the Asparagus bed I like that slow amble.

The first Peony is out, always a sign that summer is close behind, In the orchard the Snowball tree is in full flower as are the apple trees. Someone told me the fruit of the strawberry tree could be eaten so am keeping my eye on ours. The other great pleasure at this time of the year is of course the first pulling of rhubarb, sweet and full of flavor. Poached with stem ginger and fresh double cream. No wonder the trs are getting tight.

The new rose boxes are built and panted with climbers which will help fill the temple with perfume I mid to late summer.

Last year when George built the pergola in the kitchen garden, we heavily planted it with roses and Clematis, these have now started to grow so have high hopes for good display.