Alan's Blog

So much has past since I last wrote up these jottings, but mainly I have been a guest of the NHS in Yeovil and since returning home have had to learn to walk again

So trips around the garden have been infrequent and slow.

However, the garden under the loving care of George, Laura and Paul has survived and grown so much. I missed June completely and only really started to catch up mid-July and then nor even now not fully.

The lilies were as usual magnificent and they bloomed through July allowing a brief spell before the Phlox burst forth with the most exotic scent which fills the patio in the evening.

The Temple has started to bed in and we have filled it with lots of herbs which perfume the airs you brush pass or happen to walk on them.

The Kelsae onions we planted have started to bulk up but alas no garden show this year, never mind they will be good to eat

So I am home and will start to record the movement in the garden.

The one thing I really have missed well two in fact the NGS open day on July 12th and our usual evening part for Glastonbury Conservation Society, well we will just have to make them twice as good next year.