Alan's Blog

Like a child on a long car trip, i have started to ask "if it come yet?" The “it” being rain. We have had a heatwave and every one is slightly fractious and snappy. 

We are just not use to daily temps in the 90s (f) and at night in the upper 60s(f) so as I write this at 11.15am RAIN is promised at 2pm and onwards. How long before we ask for the sun again?

We have harvested the Kelsae onions and are all impressed with their size. Alas, there is no Harvest show this year, but the experience of growing them gets us in good stead for 2021.

The garden awaits the rain but I would like to enjoy this Mediterranean heat and light for just a short while longer. The garden reminds me so much of Villa Taranto in Italy on Lake Maggiore, “A beautiful garden does not need to be big, but it should be the realization of one’s dream, even though it is only a couple of square metres large and it is situated on a balcony”.  When I lay prostrated on my hospital bed in June/July, I dreamed of the garden so I want to enjoy it for a bit longer.