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Well Golden!! August is almost at an end and as I write this shafts of sun burst through grey clouds and rain looms on the horizon.

Last time I wrote was August12, and I expressed my love of just sitting and drinking in the garden and all its varied colours and shapes. This has once again been brought to home as once again I lay once again in hospital with a dicky ticker.

I like quite a few gardeners (though I say these hands have never sifted dirt) am a great sucker for something new and so when I read about “Iochroma Solanaceae Australe “ knew we had to have it and so plants purchased we have waited until this last week they have flowed. Am I pleased yes because in a couple of years we will be able to plant them out.

Another plant I am always pleased to see at this time of the year are the “White Criunam’s”, they were a gift to us many years ago and each year they give me a lot of pleasure when I remember the gift and the giver.

Iochroma Solanaceme Australe 002