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Opps. made a mistake on a plant name, the Pink Lilly style flower is of course a Crinum .  Long talk with G yesterday ref boarders, they need a fresh new look. When C designed the garden he laid it out with a colour plan but I do not have his eye and well I just think its time for a colour change not to drastic but a redecoration job.

We are in the middle of an Indian summer, warm almost hot sunny days, blue skies and just a hint of a breeze, for me the most perfect weather. Time for polo shirts during the day and woollen jumpers in the evening, though the heating does come on now.

Today we won First Prize at the Glastonbury Harvest Show for a shoe box of garden veg with a recipe.

Well, we took all the apples to the Cider works this morning and found we had about 2/3rds of a tonne. They the Cider works are now going to press these for us bottle so much and put the rest in sealed bags so if you come to the open day next year you can try some Coombe House apple juice and hopefully even buy some, all the profits will go to TS5C our inhouse charity (No. 1141010)

Kim and George have been busy in the orchards bringing down the apples, a good mixture, which tomorrow we are taking to Hecks Cider works to have them pressed and turned into Coombe House Cider. Finn has been bagging them up and I have observed.

There was a chill in the air this morning but by 11am the sun was out and the garden looked good in all it’s late summer glory. The first of the real Daturas has flowered, alas the white doubles have never germinated but I will try again next year.

Paul has finished painting stage one of the house and he is off to New York next week on holiday so George and I will be left to plot and plan for next year. We will open the garden for the NGS and TS5C on July 12th next year. When Paul comes back we will plough on and finish the Temple.

The great Pumpkin patch has started to fill up. I was most surprised to see them as George has not told me we were growing them, now of course its BIG BIG pumpkin for the Autumn show and Halloween. I expect to see one of them duly on show.

The Black Hamburg grapes are also fattening up, if that’s what grapes do and Kim is going to try a recipe from Pliny the Elder to make a sough dough and then make some roman bread. It all goes on here.

One of the pleasures of living in Somerset and especially Glastonbury is the climate. We rarely get snow and our weather on the whole is benign and this allows us to grow a variety of plants, shrubs and flowers which normally we would have trouble with. This alas also means bugs and nasty hornets like the environment. However, some we like and one flew into the garden this morning and worked his though it could be her way over the Phlox’s. A Humming Bird Hawk Moth. Alas they move so quick it was hard to capture a good picture. I hope there may be some eggs lain somewhere.

Weather wise the old rhyme June July’s golden sun brings forth August fun is not up to date this year. Dull days threat of rain then sun then rain the lawn is not burnt like last year but in need of a good soak.

It is surprising how quick the tempo in the garden has changed now the NGS opening is over. I like this tempo better. Gone is the frantic rush now we have time to enjoy the garden as it should be and that is good.

Paul has started to redecorated the back of the house and Laura is now down to just Friday which is good all round, George has been away for a week and Finn well Finn is Finn.

The garden is quite and peaceful no rushing around time to sit in my dressing gown and enjoy an early cup of tea. All that intensive work has paid off we have all this week been able to just relax a bit an enjoy. However, a wash up of last Sunday has given us much food for thought, we are planning a Lupin bed and now must move ahead on finishing the Temple.

Well the great day has come and gone, peace reigns in the garden broken only by bird song and the helicopters taking the wealthy home from Pilton where there was some sort of music festival.