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The week draws to a close, the sun has been out every day and the soli is warm and perfect for planting and sowing.

Now into a sixth week of lockdown, but we are still very busy in the garden. We have been advised that the NGS day has been cancelled.

The weather is still sunny but alas not very warm, however we live in hope. Life is busy in the garden with planting out taking place all over.

When April showers may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May. Well no showers yet, but the second part of the Temple is finished with the completion of the pool and the fitting of the fountain.

Today the sun has really put his hat on, a balmy spring morning full of bird song and hum of bees. I went for a leisurely stroll in the garden, well as no one is here I can escape my lock down.

Well I am in lock down, not that it seems much different from usual - just gardeners keep their difference and Paul is wearing a face mask and looks like an extra for Star Wars.

Hooray the sun has got his hat on and the garden looks like spring is showing its true self. Paul is busy getting new pillars for the temple ready for their tops.

Yet another wet Monday, I sometimes wonder if the sun has forgotten where we live. The garden is soddened yet spring is here no doubt about it.

I had always thought Beginias would make good container plants and having waited a year or two have been rewarded with a good show this year.

It was a Snowdrop morning, a walk round the garden morning, a morning for apple tree pruning for weeding, painting inside of new pool.

The year is now starting to romp away and bulbs are popping up all over the garden, Blackbirds and Robins carving up territories in the garden and squrills seem to be every wear.

Sure, sign that spring has woken; a Robin singing his or her heart out, Blackbirds all over the garden' Tits all varieties busy inspecting bird boxes and Snowdrops showing colour.