Alan's Musings

Alan's Musings

Well, where did January go alas in the tender arms of the Royal United Hospitals in Bath, that’s where.

I for one am glad and happy to see back of 2020, yet there have been some good days and those were worth having.

Not long now until the great feast day in all it’s meanings. The mornings are dark now when Paul and George arrive, cold too.

This morning was one of sharp white frost, clear blue skies and sun.

Superstition says Friday 13th is unlucky. I have never found it so and don’t intend to start now.

It was one of those mornings when a warm bed seemed to be the best thing in the world.

What a mixture of weather some days warm and sunny others cold and wet , but it’s Autumn so I suppose that what we must except.

A good harvest of Marrows and Squash’s, put out front of house for help yourself.

One of the most loveable characters in the strip cartoon Peanuts was Linus Van Pelt.  For Linus, there is one thing: the Great Pumpkin.

Well Golden!! August is almost at an end and as I write this shafts of sun burst through grey clouds and rain looms on the horizon.

Like a child on a long car trip, i have started to ask "if it come yet?" The “it” being rain. We have had a heatwave and every one is slightly fractious and snappy. 

So much has past since I last wrote up these jottings, but mainly I have been a guest of the NHS in Yeovil and since returning home have had to learn to walk again