Alan's Musings

Alan's Musings

A busy busy morning in the garden. It was time to sort out the Wisteria for starters. It needed and got a Chelsea Chop (unlike my hair).

The heatwave continues and we water the garden each day, dried the bill but what else can one do.

Stage 3 completed

All good things are worth waiting for. A year ago Paul, George and I went to Burncoose Nursery on a plant hunting trip.

A very quite May Day as we are all still in Lock Down, however the sun came out and I was able to sit on the terrace and enjoy the view.

At last rain so welcome, but after all the sun over the best part of April it feels cold, lit the fire last nigh and have left heating on today.

I like to walk the garden with George, its rather like Sir Bastian Spratt doing the round in Carry on Doctor.

The week draws to a close, the sun has been out every day and the soli is warm and perfect for planting and sowing.

Now into a sixth week of lockdown, but we are still very busy in the garden. We have been advised that the NGS day has been cancelled.

The weather is still sunny but alas not very warm, however we live in hope. Life is busy in the garden with planting out taking place all over.

When April showers may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May. Well no showers yet, but the second part of the Temple is finished with the completion of the pool and the fitting of the fountain.

Today the sun has really put his hat on, a balmy spring morning full of bird song and hum of bees. I went for a leisurely stroll in the garden, well as no one is here I can escape my lock down.