Alan's Musings

Alan's Musings

Well the old rhyme goes something like January brings the snow makes the toes and fingers glow February brings the rain helps the lowers grow again. February 1st brought 3 to 4“of SNOW. We awoke to a winter scene all quite no traffic and the poor birds finding the feeders snow bound. However, the beauty of Somerset ids we do not have the snow for long and by Sunday am it had almost all gone.

The year has stared mild, to mild already Asparagus spears are growing in the kitchen garden.

With the opening on June 30th  We have decided to grow Heritage plants this year and have chosen our seed from the Organic Garden Heritage Seed list. Potatoes we can get from our local nursery man.

Garrya elliptica

How the weather can change, after a week plus of warm balmy days to day its damp and grey, the garden sit’s forlorn, F has raked the lawn but no chance of a cut. G is busy in the cool house clearing the balance of tomatoes and getting it clean and ready for pots and overwintering plants.

28th September. The end of a week of glorious sunny days and cool nights. The work in the garden is moving a pace as we get ready for winter and spring flowers. G has cleared the top boarders and now has started to plant out the wallflowers.  Deep Red near the house and White in the bird bath bed. F is busy tidying the Nut Walk and S has started on the changes to the kitchen garden, me, my job is ordering bulbs and other plants and spending money. 

I am back home after a trip to the North and Norway. The garden ahas started to change from high summer blousy to autumn’s hues. The Beech is shedding its nuts and the colour is starting to go from the flower beds. G* has been hard at work repairing the damaged done to the lawn by the fierce heat of the sun in our heatwave, much racking out of dead grass and resowing of new seed. We hollowed tyned it first to try and open the structure only time will tell if we have done the right thing.

The pink Amaryllis belladonna  (has been crossed in cultivation with Crinum moorei to produce a hybrid called × Amarcrinum,[12] which has named cultivars. Hybrids said to be between Amaryllis belladonna and Brunsvigia josephinae have been called × Amarygia. Is now in flower in a variety of pots around the garden and the White Agapanthus is also showing its late summer display. The garden is a mixture of these late summer flowers and the evening scent from the Brugmansia is just perfect on the warm evenings. We did plant some Daturas but they have yet to flower.

Finn has stared to work on the lawn and give it a good comb through to remove all the dead grass from the fierce heat of July and in the next week or so we will hollow tyne it then brush in some good seed mixed with topsoil and sand to hopefully allow the autumn cooler weather and rain work their magic.

I went to see Steve in the kitchen garden to see what we are going to do with the explosion of Butternut Squash’s. I foresee Kim on many visits with recipes.